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The lawyers at our firm are aggressive and ethical in the litigation of catastrophic injury cases arising from birth injuries and other childhood accidents. These San Diego, California attorneys have over 80 years combined experience dedicated to helping children and their families recover from harm. The firm employs both a doctor and a registered nurse, both of whom are also lawyers, to provide the thorough case analysis your child deserves.


The birth of a new child is supposed to be a wonderful, exciting and hopeful time. It’s a time where every parent wishes for a healthy newborn baby. Unfortunately, things can go seriously wrong, even with the most experienced doctors and in some of the safest hospitals in California. When things go wrong with the care or treatment of a mother or her child, the consequences can be severe.

At Mulligan, Banham & Findley, we understand the devastating impact that a birth injury can have on families. The attorneys at our firm are parents themselves and have worked tirelessly for decades to help patients and their loved ones obtain the care and compensation they are entitled to after preventable injuries. Over the past 80 years of our combined experience, we’ve represented children and families in a wide variety of situations, including brain injuries, cerebral palsy, and others.

If your child was injured during the birth process, or otherwise, we can help you determine whether or not the injury was preventable. We can help you obtain medical records and with a Medical Doctor and Registered Nurse on staff, we can quickly and efficiently help you to understand your child’s medical records. We believe that you have the right to know what happened to your child and why. We believe that anyone responsible should be held accountable for the injuries inflicted on your child. In situations involving preventable injuries, we can and will fight to help you obtain the assistance and compensation you and your child deserve.

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“You are all amazing. My child is a very fortunate little girl to have had you all on her side. One day she will know just what that has meant.”

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